Cancellation Policy

General Terms


When a dispute arises (after a room is booked by a guest), the guest can file a complaint directly to us via the hotel’s hotline.
The guest’s complaint will then be received and transferred to the department in charge within 24 hours. The complaint will be resolved as soon as possible.


In case a guest wants to change his/her room or check-out date, please contact our reservation department for assistance.

We accept free further date changing until 3 days prior to arrival

If the guest wanna change the date shorter before 1 days check out, the fee is 50% the rest of payment don’t staying


Cancellation policies may vary depending on hotels, rates and time. Below is the basic policy on room cancellation, applicable when there is no cancellation policy mentioned in the reservation letter or on the online booking page.

If the guest cancels his/her reservation 5 days prior to the check-in date, the full amount paid for his/her booking will be refunded.
If the guest cancels his/her reservation within 5 days from the booking date, the 50% amount paid for his/her booking will be refunded.
In the case of a no-show (after self check-in recceived or on check-in date), the full room rate will be charged.


Free cancellation until 2 hours later the guest has made a deposit and full payment for the room reserved in case unexpected events, the guest cancels his/her trip, we will consider refunding options for the guest. The refund will depend on specific policy of each booking. Such a refund will be communicated by our staff to the guest via email.


The refund is made within 3-5 business days depending on banks.
Refund method: the refund will be made to the bank account provided or to the charged card.
Refund fee: free of charge.

We reserve the right to change the conditions and cancel policies at any time without prior notice.
We are not responsible for compensation for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from changing dates, room type, etc. or in case of force majeure (natural disasters, wars, etc.).