Let’s explore the top fun places to check in and delicious dishes that you must try when coming to Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. Here are some suggestions for fun spots in Hoan Kiem district of Sazi.

Ancient city of Hanoi

If you ask what there is to do near Hoan Kiem Lake, the locals here will immediately introduce you to Hanoi’s Old Quarter – Hanoi’s 36 streets with familiar names such as: Hang Ma street, Ta Hien street, Hang street. Dao, Hang Ngang… Each street, each name carries within it an old story that evokes memories of thousands of years of cultural history of the Capital. What to do in Hanoi Old Quarter? Visiting the old town, learning about traditional craft villages and checking in with the ancient backdrop is definitely an interesting experience not to be missed when coming here.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi – fun spots in Hoan Kiem district

Hanoi Cathedral is an interesting place for you to check in and have fun. The church has beautiful ancient French architecture. Visitors coming here, in addition to admiring the beautiful architecture, enjoying the fresh, airy air, can also sit and sip a cup of lemon tea “chat” with friends and enjoy “virtual living” with the unique space. “cool” of this place.

Visit the Opera House

If you don’t know what Hoan Kiem district has to offer, stop by the Hanoi Opera House located at Cach Mang Thang 8 square!. The theater was built by the French in 1901 based on the model of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Coming to Hanoi Opera House, you will admire a unique masterpiece of architectural art. This place is also an ideal meeting place for those who love classical and academic art forms. This is considered by many people to be one of the must-visit attractions when traveling to Hanoi.

Phung Hung mural street – fun spots in Hoan Kiem district

Phung Hung mural street is one of the best check-in locations in Hanoi. There are many paintings painted on bridge arches conveying messages about the capital with its rich historical tradition.

Coming to mural street, you will admire an ancient, quiet Hanoi through colorful paintings. The ancient beauty and traditional beauty of the Capital of a thousand years of civilization are conveyed gently and vividly through the drawings. If you don’t know what Hoan Kiem district has to offer, take the opportunity to visit Phung Hung Mural Street to see paintings and check-in to Hoan Kiem.

Watch a show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

What to do in Hoan Kiem district? Hoan Kiem District has the entertainment venue Thang Long Water Puppet Theater – one of the most famous water puppet performance places in Vietnam. This place attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to watch performances and learn about the traditional art of water puppetry. Thang Long Theater has a 365-day performance schedule, making a great contribution to promoting the folk art of water puppetry to domestic and international tourists.

Visit the historical site of Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison was built in 1896 by the French colonialists and was one of the most fortified prisons in Indochina at that time. Today, when visiting Hoa Lo Prison, you will see scary iron shackles, artifacts, and photos of prisoners wearing wooden shackles and leg shackles, unable to stand or move. Through this, people in the present will better understand the lives of ancient prisoners in prisons who were often starved, tortured, and beaten. From there, you can feel the harshness of the old prison under the colonial government.

If you are planning to visit Hanoi, immediately save the above attractions and entertainment places and choose to stay at Sazi for the most convenient transportation.