Hanoi is a harmonious combination of modern beauty mixed with a bit of ancient features of the land of thousands of years of civilization. Coming to Hanoi in March, you will see many special things. Let’s find out with Sazi now!

Weather characteristics of Hanoi in March

March is the end of spring so the weather in Hanoi is very cool, not too cold like January and February nor too hot like April and May. In general, the weather in Hanoi in March is very pleasing. people, suitable for sightseeing, entertainment, and eating trips in Hanoi.

Besides, March is when Hanoi has many unique traditional festivals such as Co Loa Temple Festival, Dong Da Mound Festival, Perfume Pagoda Festival,…

Must-visit destinations when coming to Hanoi in March

Stroll around Ho Guom

One of the most famous landscapes in Hanoi is Sword Lake. Coming to Hanoi, spend an early morning or late afternoon walking around Hoan Kiem Lake to admire the scenery and enjoy relaxing moments!

Take a walk in the early morning or afternoon and you will see locals coming to exercise around the lake. In addition, in the middle of the lake there is a small tower called Turtle Tower associated with the legend of the Magic Turtle returning the Sword. After walking around the lake, choose one of the rooftop cafes around the lake to enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the view of the Capital from above!

Visit Hanoi Pho Co

March is also a great time to visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter – a bustling place with stalls, cafes and eateries.

You can walk by yourself, ride a cyclo or book a tram tour to visit the old town. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious Hanoi dishes here! Because the Old Quarter is where the best Hanoi specialties are sold, the prices here are quite expensive but you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Check-in at Ho Tay

West Lake, in Tay Ho district, is also the most romantic destination in the vibrant, modern urban center of Hanoi. This is an interesting and wonderful entertainment place that should not be missed on your upcoming trip.

At West Lake, you can experience many wonderful activities such as walking around Trinh Cong Son walking street, Thanh Nien street, enjoying delicious lakeside dishes, visiting Tran Quoc Pagoda or checking in to the beautiful valley. West Lake flower valley. If you are a fan of new sports, you can SUP around West Lake – this is an extremely hot service today!

Apply for letters at the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam

Located at 58 Quoc Tu Giam Street, Van Mieu Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam is also an interesting destination for next March.

People often visit the Temple of Literature at the beginning of the new year to pray for a new year with many new achievements in studying and passing exams, especially pupils and students.

Participate in Bat Trang pottery village festival

Coming to Bat Trang pottery village, you will visit ceramic workshops and witness firsthand the artisans creating sophisticated ceramic products, especially kneading, molding, painting, and firing their own products. Besides, in March at the pottery village there will be a worshiping ceremony for the Tutelary God with many interesting activities such as processions, folk games, art performances, human flags, worship singing,…

Huong Pagoda Festival

Traveling to Hanoi in March, you have the opportunity to participate in the Perfume Pagoda festival (held from February to April every year). This is a festival that attracts thousands of Buddhists from everywhere to visit, offer incense and pray for a good new year.

Coming to Huong Pagoda, you will take a boat along Yen stream, then climb a mountain or take a cable car to visit caves, mountains and ancient pagodas. This is a nice trip in early spring that is worth experiencing.

Coming to Hanoi and not knowing where to stay, please contact Sazi immediately!