When traveling during the festival season, you cannot avoid the hustle and bustle in crowded areas and unexpected incidents that may occur. If you want to have a complete trip, of course you cannot miss this moment of mixing with this crowd of people. To prevent your trip from encountering unnecessary risks, immediately pocket the following safe travel experiences for the holiday season.

Shoving and jostling lead to stampedes – safe travel during the festive season

The haunting stampede tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 150 people on Itaewon Street, Seoul (South Korea) has become one of the worst crowd incidents in modern times. The main cause of human loss is suffocation. So what is the secret to survival here?

The first thing to do is recognize the signs and assess the complexity of the crowd. A steadily moving crowd suddenly stops, which is a sign that the density is increasing. At this time, listening to the crowd is very important. If you hear annoying complaints and painful cries, things are starting to get out of control. This is the decisive moment to find a way out. Some people who escaped early at the event in Seoul said they felt like the situation was becoming unsafe and promptly left.

Understanding and calmly handling situations is the key to survival when stuck in a crowd.

Pickpocketing and theft

Not everywhere is equipped with good security, even in cases where it has been strictly arranged, the risk of pickpockets and robberies can still occur when you are not careful. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when going to a strange place is to find out in advance the location, habits and reviews of travel experiences (if any) about that area to avoid confusion and not become “people”. “good bait” or “new mat – never experienced” in the eyes of thieves.

Streamline personal belongings to carry with you; Avoid being gullible and asking strangers to look after your luggage; Use sturdy bags and keep items out of sight behind you; Always pay attention to physical contact… will be a useful tip to help you avoid theft in a crowd. In addition, it is necessary to limit the frequent opening of backpacks and handbags because they both make it difficult for you to control the situation when you are distracted looking for messy items in the bag, and also give the thief an opportunity to observe, ” locate” prey.

Handbag straps that are shortened to fit within reach will also help you avoid having your items snatched. And remember to turn off the “goldfish brain” mode when going out to eat so you don’t forget your personal belongings at your seat when you leave!

Lost your way or lost in a group – safe travel experiences

When traveling to a new place, especially abroad, being unfamiliar with the roads is unavoidable. So a map, a fully charged phone that supports GPS, 3G,… are “savior” items that should always be carried with you. Don’t forget to carefully note down the phone number, address or namecard of the hotel as lookup information, as well as pay attention to landmarks near the accommodation such as churches, squares, stations,… for convenience. Find directions when lost.

kid crying to lost parent on sky train station.

In case you get lost, it is important that you maintain a calm attitude and avoid panicking or fear because your timid appearance will cause the intruder to “catch the signal” and harass you. In this situation, you can ask local people for directions or accompany tourist groups to ask guides for directions. Because this is a group that knows the area’s terrain well, or has foreign language expression skills to help you troubleshoot problems. If you can’t find help from people around you, you can quickly go to a roadside store, buy a small item and ask for directions.

Don’t forget to make emergency contact with your companions to determine the enemy’s location. At close range, the parties can signal with actions to locate each other such as: raising hands high, raising prominent objects, etc. as well as describing the position they are standing in with easily recognizable characteristics. know.

Strangers entice and invite rude people

In addition to simple positive purposes such as product introduction and interaction between stores and passersby, crowded gathering places are also ideal places for those who specialize in attracting tourists for many other purposes. together. It could be black market ticket brokers before big shows, vulgar solicitations at crowded fairs, or persistent pleas to sell a certain product/service.

Even if you are really interested in the offers, be careful to observe the seller for any suspicious signs, for example: going with accomplices, not carrying the item in hand but only offering it verbally, … Absolutely do not follow the lead into deserted, winding alleys because you may be isolated by a group of scammers.

When encountering a situation of being forced to invite, what you need to do now is to keep two things: calm and a safe distance. Politely refusing and quickly leaving the position being manipulated is always the first way to avoid trouble. Additionally, you should limit longer conversations to avoid staging