Living in Hanoi but not having time to travel or vacation far away, a staycation is always a very reasonable idea. Not only does it save a lot of time and money, it is also extremely gentle and enough to regenerate your energy. Join Sazi in checking out 5 staycation ideas in Hanoi this weekend!

Cultural experience

Cultural experience is an experience not to be missed in the land of Thang Long with thousands of years of culture. If you love exploring Hanoi culture, you can go to: Hanoi Tu Tran, Hanoi Post Office, Hoa Lo Prison, Cathedral,…

Explore Hanoi cuisine

Traveling close to home in Hanoi without exploring the cuisine is too wasteful. First is the vermicelli tour with snail vermicelli, cha vermicelli, goose vermicelli, mop vermicelli, anchovy vermicelli, tofu vermicelli with shrimp paste… our pho has rolled pho, stir-fried pho, mixed pho, deep-fried pho… Then various types of fruit cakes and Hanoi snacks are enough to satisfy any picky foodie.


Experience resting at a homestay/apartment

If you still don’t know where to choose a homestay in Hanoi for your short weekend staycation, Sazi is always ready to wait for your visit. With beautiful, small rooms but extremely fully equipped, it is also located in the center of Hanoi, making it convenient to move around and participate in other entertainment activities.

Explore beautiful cafes – staycation ideas in Hanoi

What’s better than hanging out or checking in virtually at cafes with beautiful views when traveling near home in Hanoi? You can visit Lofita Tea & Coffee – Delicious cafe chain, the most beautiful view in Hanoi, La Chérie – Tea and cake shop on the road along West Lake,…

Picnic in the suburbs

Picnics in the suburbs also help you effectively refresh both your body and mind. Some ideal locations include Ba Vi National Park; Bat Trang pottery village or flower villages.

No need to travel far, you can still rest and spend time for yourself. Book a beautiful home at Sazi and enjoy the weekend.