Every Christmas, churches and shops in Hanoi are decorated and lit up extremely sparklingly. Join Sazi to take a look at some places to celebrate Christmas in Hanoi that cannot be missed below

1. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

When talking about places to go for Christmas in Hanoi, you definitely cannot miss the Cathedral. Every Christmas, this place is decorated extremely splendidly. Not only is it brilliant with a large pine tree decorated with sparkling lights, after the Christmas Eve festival, visitors can also enjoy delicious food on nearby streets such as Au Trieu, Ly Quoc Su, Nha Chung…

2. Ham Long Church

Considered the most beautiful church in Hanoi, Ham Long church is also a place chosen by many young people to have fun on Christmas night. The church has a large space, with motifs decorated with Franciscan-style ropes, bringing both ancient and modern features. Besides, Ham Long church is also sparklingly decorated with pine trees, LED lights, and Santa Claus, making anyone who comes here admire it forever.

3. Hang Ma Street

Hang Ma Street is definitely a place that cannot be missed in the list of ideal places to go for Christmas in Hanoi. On this occasion, Hang Ma Street is crowded with crowds of people and countless items for sale such as pine trees, stuffed animals shaped like Santa Claus and many Christmas items decorated with sparkling colors. You can come here to walk around or take souvenir photos.


4. Sword Lake

Sword Lake has long been a place that attracts many young people. On Christmas Eve, this place becomes even more sparkling when everywhere is decorated with sparkling lights. You can walk with your lover on the walking street, visit the night market together with many unique items. What if you are still “alone”? No problem, you can still choose a small corner in the “Old Town Cafe” on Hang Gai Street to see Hoan Kiem Lake from above, sipping a hot cup of egg coffee – a typical drink of Hanoi.

5. Vincom Ba Trieu

Located right in the city center on Ba Trieu main street, Vincom Shopping Center attracts thousands of visitors, especially children and young people. Coming here, you will enjoy activities such as Santa Claus and Snow Princess circus performances, admiring the “snow road” built with dim blue light or reindeer carriages…

6. Royal City – Some places to celebrate Christmas in Hanoi

Considered an ideal Christmas destination in Hanoi, during the Christmas season Royal City is decorated extremely grandly with a giant pine tree and a fountain with a large lighting system. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to take photos as well as preserve beautiful pictures. In addition, you can visit the shopping center’s stalls, enjoy extremely attractive food and choose to buy funny items for friends and loved ones.

7. Times City

Times City is also an attractive Christmas destination that you can choose. The scene here is brilliantly decorated with a beautiful water music stage, elaborately decorated reindeer, pine trees and Santa Claus. The words Merry Christmas make people’s hearts flutter, waiting for a peaceful and happy Christmas night with friends and family.

8. Aeon Mall Long Biên

As a large-scale commercial center, Aeon Mall is also a place where many young people wait for Christmas. Although far from the center, in return Aeon Mall has many interesting games and beautiful space. Like many other shopping centers, Christmas activities at Aeon Mall are completely free so anyone can participate.

Save these impressive Christmas locations in Hanoi now to have a meaningful year-end festival with family and relatives.