When life is too busy, me-time is a quiet space that everyone needs to take a break and re-energize themselves. So what is me-time and how to enjoy me-time in a chill way? Find out now with Sazi!

Me Time is a term often used to refer to time dedicated to oneself. Here, Me Time emphasizes enjoying being alone and spending all your energy doing whatever you want. Like a way to temporarily escape from the chaos and stress of the past day or week. Me Time gives us a certain amount of rest, helping to regenerate energy and improve both overall physical and mental health.

Everyone needs their own Me Time. However, for young people, especially the current generation Z, spending time alone to take care of themselves is extremely necessary. Lisa Prescott (2020) researched the effects of spending time alone on mental health, showing that young adults’ mental health can improve through practicing self-care on a regular basis. healthy way. Especially in cases where there are obvious environmental changes and lots of pressure like university life.

Benefits of ME-TIME breaks for mental health:

Relieve stress

Being alone helps you avoid worrying about social views and other people’s comments about your body, attitude and behavior. So you can relax and feel more comfortable.

Better reflection

Me Time creates space for you to practice gratitude, whether journaling, emailing, or thinking quietly. Time alone allows you to develop a sense of self and realize your own values and interests.

Improve relationships

Temporarily stepping away from the relationship and nurturing yourself helps you bond more with them the day you meet again. This is also an opportunity for you to reconsider the relationships around you, whether they are toxic or positive, whether they are necessary or unnecessary.

Unleash creativity

Giving yourself time to be “solitary” will help unlock your creativity. You may be surprised by the countless ideas you have during Me Time.

After understanding the importance of this, you can practice Me Time step by step with the 6 suggested activities below.

Focus on your breathing

You heard right, breathing is not only an essential function of the body but also an effective Me Time method. Focusing on your breathing for a few minutes will help dispel any stressful thoughts, and reset your mind to “empty” mode.

Unplug “electricity”

Turn off all notifications on your phone and make sure people only contact you if an emergency arises. Then relax. Take the opportunity to take a nap or write in your journal, do housework, cook or whatever for yourself.

Do whatever you like

Don’t think about whether doing this is worth it, whether it makes sense. You can read books all day, watch movies all day, even sleep all day as long as you feel those tasks regenerate your energy.

Body care

Use Me Time to take care of your body. Try creating a spa at home – take a bath, paint your nails and enjoy aromatherapy products.

Do exercise

Exercising your body will help you free your mind and not think too much. Don’t mistakenly think that exercise is a waste of energy, it’s just burning old energy so you can absorb more new positive energy.

Harmony with nature

There’s nothing more healing to the soul than a walk in a forest, a park, planting a tree or simply looking at a flower.

A way to enjoy me-time that has been very popular among young people recently is to book a nice, small hotel or homestay room right in the city where you live. Enjoy time to relax and take care of yourself in a new and airy space. Understanding this need, Sazi always focuses on taking care of his rooms to always be neat and fragrant.

If you need to rest a bit, come to Sazi now!