Hanoi is famous for delicious dishes that are not only beautiful in appearance but also attractive in taste when enjoyed. Winter comes, the hot delicacies in this land become more special and attractive. Before each cold wave comes, we can’t help but go out and enjoy the flavors of this winter. With SaziHome to immediately discover 10 Hanoi winter specialties that you must try.

1. Hà Nội Beef Pho

Beef pho has been around for a long time and has become one of the symbols of Vietnamese cuisine. Bone broth combined with long-simmered vegetables and secret spices creates the unique flavor of a delicious bowl of pho. Soft white noodles, a few slices of medium-rare beef with a bit of sour taste from lemon and spicy from chili. In addition, pho is often served with bean sprouts, herbs and coriander to enhance the rich flavor. This specialty is sold all year round in every corner from early morning to late night. And if you can enjoy a bowl of hot, delicious pho on cold weather days, there’s nothing better than that.

2. Rib congee

This is an extremely delicious specialty dish at an affordable price that tourists should not miss when visiting Hanoi. Instead of soaking and cooking directly, the rice will be ground and then cooked with the ribs until it reaches a smooth consistency. That’s why people here also call rib porridge “baby powder”. Each sip of hot porridge is rich, sticky, sweet and fragrant with soft ribs that melt on the tip of the tongue. Serve with pork floss, chili powder, some fried onions and hot, crispy fried crackers cut into small pieces to get the fullest flavor of the rib porridge. A bowl of delicious porridge is just enough to warm your stomach but not too filling.

3. Snail noodles – Hanoi winter specialties

Although the ingredients are simple, making a delicious snail noodle dish, a famous winter specialty of Hanoi, is an art of processing. The rich broth mixed with the mild sourness of tomatoes and the crunchy and chewy snail meat create the typical flavor of the Hanoi snail noodle dish. Snail vermicelli is served with green onions, raw vegetables and a few slices of lemon to add sweetness to the flavor. Not only is it a favorite traditional dish of many families, but snail vermicelli also delights many visitors to Hanoi with this rustic flavor.

4. Banh Duc

When you come back to Hanoi in the winter, there’s nothing better than sitting down and “slurping” on a hot dumpling cake. This dish is essentially a variation of the traditional Banh Duc dish. Instead of being cooled and cut into pieces dipped in soy sauce, Banh Duc is eaten while still being heated.

5. Banh Troi Tau

Banh troi tau is definitely a dish born for the winter because of its hot flavor, and the cake juice contains fresh ginger, which is very good at warming the body. The ingredients for making the cake are made from sticky rice, green beans, black sesame, ginger, fresh coconut, sugar, peanuts… A bowl of Banh Troi Tau will usually include 2 cakes, one round with green bean filling and one shaped like green beans. oval filled with black sesame. Forming the cake like this will make it easier for sellers to distinguish between the two types of fillings.

6. Cha Ca La Vong

This specialty dish is mainly made from large, firm fish and snakehead fish, containing many nutrients, sweet meat but few bones. After being cut into bite-sized pieces, the fish is marinated with spices such as turmeric, galangal juice, pepper… and grilled over charcoal. Grilled fish can be prepared simply by stir-frying it in a pan, adding some herbs and then serving it with vermicelli noodles and irresistibly delicious shrimp paste.

7. Hot bread rolls

When mentioning the typical cakes of Hanoi in winter, it is impossible not to mention hot spring rolls. This dish is made from plain rice flour, covered with a filling consisting of minced lean meat, wood ear mushrooms, purple onions and pepper, then the cake is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Enjoy while still hot with other toppings such as pork rolls, melon and chili sauce to fully experience the wonderful flavor of this winter Hanoi specialty.

8. Sweet soup

If you are a lover of sweets, you cannot miss Hanoi’s hot sweet soup specialties with two typical types: green bean sweet soup and black bean sweet soup. The beans are cooked on the stove over low heat to help keep the heat and softness just right and are scooped out when customers order, adding a nice bit of grated coconut. Feel the warmth from the hot bowl of tea transmitted into the palm of your hand, enjoy the irresistible aroma and sweet taste that melts on the tip of your tongue. All have warmed the souls of many tourists from far away on cold winter days and left a wonderful, unforgettable aftertaste.

9. Grilled corn, grilled potatoes

This sidewalk snack often appears on cold days in the capital. The fragrant aroma of corn and the large, golden potatoes roasted evenly on the charcoal grill easily stimulate the sense of smell and taste of anyone passing by. Sip a sweet and fragrant gift and feel the simplest, most simple joys in the heart of the bustling, bustling city.

10. Hot quiche – Hanoi winter specialties

It is easy to see images of Hanoians eating hot quiche, especially in winter. Often eaten with pho and porridge, but when eaten alone, this hot dish is also very “sticky”. Hot quiche eaten alone is characterized by being much softer, fragrant, denser and more flexible. In addition, hot stir-fry can also be dipped in a bowl of dipping sauce mixed with kohlrabi and pickled carrots, which is very delicious. In particular, Hanoi’s hot quiche is quite cheap, as well as corn cakes or potato cakes, you can absolutely enjoy it at any time because it is available on most of Hanoi’s snack streets.

What is your favorite dish when Hanoi is winter? Let Sazi know!